Tweezing Your Way to Perfect Eyebrows



What we have learned from both our experience and our studies is that: When your eyebrows are shaped & tweezed properly, women not only look well-groomed, but they feel great. Your eyebrow shape is very important not only because it complements your face appearance, but also because it helps play a vital role in your expression.  You can opt to have have your eyebrows done by a pro, but that costs so much now-a-days and you put yourself at the mercy of the esthetician.


Great tip: Find the best eyebrow boutique in your area and let them do their best work for you, then go home and take a picture of yourself, and then try to reproduce the job when you need it. If you make sure to tweeze often, all you’ll have to do is pluck the stray hairs around your newly shaped eye brows as they come in – until you get good at it.



Here are more great tips:

          1.   Determine your face shape, have someone

help if you need.  There are essentially 5 face types:
(Diamond) but this one is uncommon


2.    Find the right eyebrow shape for your face. (you can use a liner to help you before you tweeze)

_  Heart = low-arched, round brow; if the face is short make the arch higher.


_  Round face = high-arched brow.


_  Square face =angled brow with a sharp peak, or try a curved brow.


_  Oval face = angled brow also, but with a softer, less-defined angle.


_  Long face= nice straight brow; almost a totally horizontal line.


_  And finally if you do have a diamond-face, use a curved brow to soften the angles.


3. For this step really think about buying an eyebrow stencil, you can get one at your beauty supply store. You’ll also need at least one great pair of angled tweezers and possibly a straight or pointed pair.  (To find a great tweezer visit our Tweezer selection.) so here we go: with the pencil, draw subtle vertical lines where would like each brow to begin and end, then hold the stencil in place, using the lines as guides.

4. Following the outline of your stencil, draw your eyebrow shape lightly with the pencil.

5. Remove the stencil and pluck the hairs outside the lines.

6. Wipe away pencil marks. Now comb your brows in the right direction.

7. Use your comb to softly smooth the tops of each one of your brows to form an even line. Now you can use your eyebrow pencil to fill in gaps with short, fine strokes.

Plucking Tips

1.Make sure to provide ample light for yourself, natural or artificial light is fine. If you want use a magnifying mirror if you need one—seeing properly is the idea. (Make sure to look in the a normal mirror frequently as a check.)

2.Be sure your face is clean and exfoliated before you start tweezing. Now hold your skin tight with one hand and use your tweezers to tweeze with the other. Try never to pull more than 3-4 hairs without stopping to check how you’re doing. It’s so easy to pluck too much-you can always pluck more but you can never un-pluck right?
If the hairs are going to the left, pluck it to the left and if it’s to the right then pluck right, up then pluck up and so forth.

3.When you’re ready to start your brows, comb them up and then left or right.

4.When you are done, clean your tool; your skin will thank you. Be sure to wipe the tips of your tweezers with a little alcohol and if they permit – heat disinfect them once in a while.